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The thing about animosity…

I try not to keep it around.

I dont want to hold absolute grudges – and I really don’t – I just don’t engage in contact with anyone who will not enrich my life in any form.

However, that’s the thing with Social Media. It sometimes makes it so that people can find you – regardless of whats going on.I had a best friend – we aren’t friends anymore- and there isn’t really animosity, however she has me on Instagram.

You can always just TELL when someone has been scoping your pics and trying to re-create something. Whether you think you can do it better or not – it’s unoriginal. She tried my poses for a while – I guess she figured it didn ‘t work for her face and stopped. She started using my techniques to a degree – and now she’s at it again.

No I am not going to be like Lil’ Kim out here and ask for RESPECT & HOMAGE …haha!

I am just noticing these things.

I don’t hold animosity for this person. I just don’t really care whether we become friends again or not – and it seems very unlikely on my end. She has reached out – passively – once, and I communicated a little…But I am not going to crawl over and ask for anything. If you want to hash out a problem with someone and move on to become friends again, by all means do so.

However, don’t be passive or “around the bush” about it.

Want to go do something together – make sure that if we ARE in a group of people you call me out specifically to notify me that it applies to me too if I am up for it. I will either decline or accept.  If you really want something you go get it. If you don’t you wont.

I know I won’t.

I have way too many things to do and to achieve and to live for to waste time with petty-ness or passive-ness.

That is all.



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