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On WordPress because Blogger is DEAD.

I was clearly the LAST to really officially find out that Blogger has been barren for a long while now. However, I am here and ready to start anew. Maybe it’s a good thing? I am sure my blogger was filled with high-school ramblings and things that really don’t even portray me anymore. 


I never was a big fan of wordpress but now I think it has improved since the last time I really got on it. Which is great.

So welcome me in your loving embrace WORDPRESS! *opens arms wide*


I think with a new blog comes a fresh new start and all that good shit so, I think this may be a great idea. 


I am serious this time that I really am going to be getting back into the blogging thing. I bought a tripod and and got my camera back together, along with my laptop repaired and I am so ready to rumble!


So let’s do this! It is 7:43 AM and I haven not slept yet, so I will be dropping soon.  Just thought I would sort of …say a little something to have something here.



If you didn’t read the About section then – what to expect should be a lot of product reviews and chat on little or major events going on. Along with updates from my vlog and other things that may have tickled my brain for the day. 


Yeah, I am so tired.

ready for bed.




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